Global vaccination blockchain idea

I was wondering how we could solve the oncoming global problem of vaccination proof. For example, I can imagine in near future in order to be able to get on to the aeroplane, one will have to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Here’s how I can imagine a worldwide blockchain solution.

Base idea

There’s a publicly available blockchain that shows all the issued COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Besides that, this blockchain keeps the information about authorities that can issue them.

The story

You have been vaccinated and after that, you are given your certificate proof.

  • certificate key Z
  • your passport number and passport country code

The certificate

The certificate is a block on the blockchain.

  • the public key of authority creating this certificate
  • random code X
  • code X encrypted with vaccinated person’s passport number, passport country code and randomly generated certificate key Z

Cross-checking certificate

In order to prove that a certificate is valid. You need to locate the certificate number on the blockchain. Then you use passport number and passport country code, all combined with the certificate key Z to decrypt the data on the blockchain (code X). If the certificate code X was encrypted with this passport number, passport country code and key Z, you have proof that this person was indeed vaccinated.

The authorities

Additionally, we’re keeping the information about all the authorities that can issue certificates. At the very beginning of the blockchain, there was a single authority. This authority created authorities for other countries. Later on, each country created separate authorities, that are actually responsible for vaccination (doctors/hospitals etc.). Each authority has a public and a private key that are used to push data into the blockchain.

What do you think?

What are your ideas? Can you spot any flaws here? Any ideas for implementation? How this could be improved? Let me know your thoughts.

My implementation on Ethereum

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